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Disease name in Alphabetical order

We have listed the Diseases in Alphabetical order for your Convenience. Suppose if you click on the letter "B" all the Diseases name starting with this letter "B" will be displayed.
Click on that particular disease to get the respective medicines.


We Have listed diseases starting with the letter "f".
Diseases List







Treatment For Fever-Repeated

Prepare and drink Dr AVG Reddy's Fever Soup called Feverex. One gm Virali H505 bark in honey daily two times. D101 Kakkanam root handful + water 250ml boil to 150ml drink 50ml 3 times per day. D107 Kaanaamvaalai leaves soup cures fever. Vishnu Granthi plant soup.

Treatment For Fever-Virus

One gm Virali H505 bark in honey daily two times Pavalamali leaves kasayam Drink Kadarthengai.

Treatment For Fits

Jyothicaraway oil drink. Brilliantex capsule and soup. D208 Thulasi leaves juice 30ml daily morning in empty stomach will cure fits. Murungai pattai soup.

Treatment For Frequent Urination

Mango seed powder, Jammu - Naval fruit seed powder, Avaramboo tea.

Treatment For Face Bleach

Thiruneetru Pachilai, Amman Pacharisi, Poongavi D96 Curry leaves 30gm + Kasakasa (poppy) seeds 100gm + Amman Pacharisi 50gm + Kasthuri Manjal 10 gm grind to paste apply 30 minutes on face for 7 days. Pachhilai paste also can be applied.

Treatment For Family Planning

Eat Dr AVG Reddy's Family Planning herbal powder called Nirodhex. C107 Poovarasam pattai H438 barks + Seemai kasukkatti + Induppu. All equal parts powder it. Eat 3 gm powder in empty stomach 8 days the period time. Next period time also continue the same. Infertility sure upto six months.

Treatment For Fatigue

Drink Kayakalpam soup, Amurka soup, Adultexe soup.

Treatment For Fever Seasonal, Muraikkaychal

Prepare and drink Dr AVG Reddy's Fever Soup called Feverex. One gram Virali H505 bark in honey daily two times D264 Parpadagam, Nilavembu, Pudhina, Seenthil, Koraikilngu, pepper Kasayam 50ml 3 times per day. Mint (pudhina) leaves + Durva grass (Arugambul) + pepper + cumin seed = kasayam cures fever. Siruthekku H119 root, Kostam, Korai, Seenthil, Perarathai.

Treatment For Fever Tea

Fever Kasayam for commercial sales : Adathodai, Argambul, Kaanaam Vaalai, Kakkarattan root, Kanchankorai, Kandangathiri root, Keelanelli, Koraikilangu, Milakaranai root, Sitrmutti ver, Mookkirattai root, Neermuli plant, Nerunjil, Nilavembu-2, Onion, Parpadakam-2, Paypudal, Pepper, Pirandai, Pudhina, Sandal, Seenthil root, Seeragam, Sukku, Thoothuvelai, Thulasi, Turmeric, Uthamani, Vallarai, Vettiver, Vilvam leaves, Virali bark, Vishnugrandhi.

Treatment For Fire wounds, Theekauyam

D295. Apply coconut oil on fire wounds and apply Tamarind bark powder to stick on the oil applied. Virali leaves powder in coconut oil.

Treatment For Fissures

Use Piles treatment for Fissures also.

Treatment For Foot Burning

Padtha Erichal : C120 Apply Maruthani leaves on foot. Eat Pithamex sooranam, Eat H-507 Vilvam Fruit powder.

Treatment For Foot Crack

Tamil - Padha Vedippu : C29 Apply coconut oil boiled with Kandagathiri H118 leaves juice.

Treatment For Foot Nail

Tamil- Kaal Aani : C10 Apply milk of the Amman Pacharisi H15 leaves.

Treatment For